Zero-K: Engine Situation + Zero-K v1.0.7.7

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the release of Spring 89.0.

Springie was set to use 89.0 upon release but at this point the new version was not technically live on the server. Through testing we decided to use 88.0 for now.

Unfortunately 89.0 went live on the server and it turns out that non-ZKL lobbies have poor multi-engine support. ZKL automatically fetches whichever engine is required but other lobbies require manual fiddling. So to make it easier for other lobby users we switched to 89.0.

More time spent with 89.0 revealed it to be too buggy for use. So now Springies are running 88.0 with v1.0.7.7.

The game itself has some balance changes and fixes since the last news post so here they are.

=== Balance ===

* Cost 100 -> 90
* Range 850 -> 880

New AA vehicle, the Crasher. High focus on speed at the expense of range.

* Infinite beacon placement range.
* Beacon loses LOS and death explosion.
* Doubled beacon placement time.
* Throughput increased 60%.

* HP 260 -> 300

Commander Disintegrator weapon no longer drains shields (on top of passing through them).

=== Online ===

* added new category of hosts – Experienced players
* lowered size of teams autohost to 18
* clan size limit is now 8->16

=== Interface ===

* Zero-K starts as “borderless fullscreen” by default (for users with Zero-K lobby – you can change it in settings)
* Workaround for always-full resource and health bars with Catalyst 12.6 drivers
* Fixes for Take Reminder * Updated Recluse and Tarantula buildpics

Zero-K: Zero-K v

Beware of sharks when swimming.

== Interface ==
* Added menu buttons for Set Target and Cancel Target
* Attack warning removed for spectators
* Possible fix for some crashes
* Fixes to rejoin progress bar

== Graphics ==
* Shield distortion FX removed completely from Felon; visible on larger shields only on Ultra settings

== Commanders ==
* Fixed commander napalm artillery
* Rocket launcher reload 3.2 -> 3
* Artillery conversion cost 350 -> 300
* Heavy napalm artillery damage 75 -> 100

== Units ==
* Health 1600 -> 1750
* Turn rate 416 -> 480
* Damage 360 -> 480
* Range 430 -> 330
* Reload 2.6 -> 4
* AoE 16 -> 40
* Slower and better turn rate for projectile.

* Torp Damage 130 -> 110
* Torp Range 460 -> 430
* Regen 25 -> 10

* Health 1100 -> 800
* Regen 20 -> 10
* Rez cost and time increased 25% (same for comms too)

* Firing arc 180° -> 270°

* Depthcharge AoE 32 -> 128

* Damage 50 -> 45

Fixes to some turret aiming issues

== Misc == * Regularized some map metal configs

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.6.8

This release mainly exists to fix the invulnerable Annihilator change of v1.0.6.6. Rapier is also slightly de-nerfed and maybe people won’t cringe when new players make Archer.

== Balance ==

* Revert range nerf (320 -> 340)
* Reduce damage nerf (180 -> 190)
* Speed nerf instead (4 -> 3.9)

* Generates water at 1/8th rate when on land.
* 33% more impulse.
* 16% more damage.

== Fixes ==
* Annihilator is no longer invulnerable to most weapon types.
* Underwater health regen disabled for unbuilt and emped units.
* Fixed mah partially drawn relay lazor.
* Fixed some torpedo sounds that were accidentally played globally. * Fixed rare player list problem.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.6.5

After a day of commander-related chaos, some changes have been made which should hopefully settle things down a bit.

== Balance ==

* DPS reduced 20%

* DPS reduced 5%

== Commanders ==

Restored old HP values. Their maximum base HP is now the same as before.
* Strike Commander 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
* Battle Commander 3000, 3800, 4900, 6000, 7200
* Recon Commander 1800, 2300, 2800, 3400, 4000
* Support Commander 2000, 2500, 3000, 3700, 4500

* Range 250 -> 200
* Reload time 12s -> 16s

Hellfire Grenade:
* Halved AOE

== Misc ==

* Fixed Crabes that can become stuck on each other.
* An arbitrary set of units no longer emit smoke when cloaked.
* Chat bubbles are now smaller and only show on markers and ally chat. * Spectator chat is yellow by default.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.6.3

The art of commander design takes on a radical new form even as the balance of power in the skies shifts.

== Balance ==

* HP 975 -> 1100.
* Slows to 50% speed when firing weapons.

* Missile damage 160 -> 200
* Missile reload 4.5 -> 5.2
* This is a 8% buff theoretical DPS buff

* Range 340 -> 320
* Damage 200 -> 180

* Fire angle 120 -> 180 (Fire arc is now a half sphere).

* Sight distance 350 -> 200 so it is no longer ridiculously good at scouting.

* HP 1300 -> 1100

Valkyrie moves vertically twice as fast. This makes it faster to pickup and drop. Also nerfs stratosphere transports.

Scorcher and Push Newton prefer close targets. Pull Newton and Jugglenaut prefer far away targets.

== Commanders ==

Commanders now have five levels. Intrinsic bonuses (HP and special stats) are much lower than before; make up the difference with modules. New base morph costs are 100/400/200/300.

Heatray module:
* Cost 125 -> 100

Napalm Grenade:
* Cost 50 -> 125
* Reload time 12 -> 16

== Physics ==

* Transportiee mass is taken into account when applying gravity gun impulse.
* A transportiee hit by a gravity gun will transfer the impulse to the transporter, so it is now possible to launch larger things when they are in transports.

Note that Valkyrie has about 90 mass and Skuttle has 200 mass.

== Icons==

Newton icon DefenceRiot -> DefenceSupport to differentiate it from Stardust.

Hacksaw and Chainsaw AA icons have a bar behind them, they are “skirm aa”. This is to differentiate the icon from Razor’s Kiss and Cobra.

== Fixes ==

* Fixed the most recent Hammer Thing.
* Baseline comm can be selected after custom comm.
* Fixed reclaim HP gadget. Reclaiming a unit no longer reduces it’s health.
* Fixed strange damage reduction when tilted for Sumo.
* Windmills now face the opposite direction
* Fixed Crabe death clone.
* Fixed Clam build time.

== Misc ==

* High or Low construction priority overrides builder priority.
* Esc cancels terraform drawing. * Moving order-type stipple for settarget lines.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.5.9

The Balance Corps are out in force tonight, administering beatings left and right. Several bugfixes and interface improvements have also been spotted making their way into the city.

== Interface ==
* Metal/energy reserve must now be enabled in options (Settings/Interface/Resource Bars. Metal and energy reserve can be set independently of each other with right-click.
* Bots get their own name in tooltip and awards screen rather than that of owning player.
* Clippy Comments: Rank limit defaults to off
* Mex circles are drawn at sea level rather than sea floor

== Balance==

* Speed 2.1 -> 2.2
* Range 440 -> 450

Tremor. The DPS buff in v1.0.4.17 was written as 23% but was accidentally 66%. The buff since before v1.0.4.17 is now 12.5% more DPS with 50% more projectiles.
* Range 1400 -> 1300
* Damage 200 -> 135

* Range 1400 -> 1500 (back to pre-nerf that was ages ago)

* Speed 1.5 -> 1.4
* HP 1250 -> 1200
* 25% larger hit volume and model

Amphibious units heal when underwater (because salt water is good for metal). This is to make them better underwater while no better on land.
* Clam 20 hp/s
* Duck 10 hp/s
* Archer 20 hp/s
* Buoy 25 hp/s
* Scallop 25 hp/s
* Grizzly 40 hp/s
* Angler 20 hp/s
* Djinn 30 hp/s

* Auto heals 10 hp/s after 5s of taking no damage (same as Glaive)

* 2x deploy and undeploy time

* Weapon velocity 1000 -> 850
* Projectile looks pointier.

* Shield radius 100 -> 120
* Requires 0.3 seconds to charge up before firing
* Shield regen rate 20 -> 18
* Range 440 -> 430

* Shield regen rate 18 -> 16

* Shield regen rate 10 -> 9

* Decloak distance 150 -> 160
* Jump speed 6 -> 5.2
* Jump height 200 -> 120
* HP 320 -> 250

* HP 120 -> 175
* Range 240 -> 260

* Sight distance 506 -> 520. Otherwise units with 450 range can sometimes shoot LLT without LLT being able to see it.

* Cost 1250 -> 1200

* Both guns can now shoot in all directions.

== Bugfixes ==
* Fixed clearing of bomber airpad reservations
* Unit should no longer be able to hide in shipyard’s hitsphere
* Fixed some script error messages
* Playerlist no longer cuts off at bottom in FFA

== Misc == * Commander Cluster Bomb and Scorpion’s multi-stunner will ignore features in their path

Zero-K: QuickMatch/Juggler neutered

Because people apparently cannot understand how it works and try to fight it and complain, juggler was mostly disabled now.

– it wont split any game (you can have 32ppl small teams now)
– it wont auto enable if you join managed host (with star in ZKL)
– it wont try to put clan members together
– it wont divide players be elo
– it wont try to save “too small” games by sending people there who like this type same as their current game

If you still want to play proper small teams, you have to manually enable quickmatch (click on quickmatch button and set your preferences).

EDIT: Actually detrino had an idea for “split on start” so now it experimentally splits small teams at start if size is over 15

EDIT2: big and small teams hosts were merged to just “teams” which splits at start if number of players > 20.
We also added “SILLY MAPS” autohost which only hosts featured “special” maps like trolol and splits above > 30 players.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.5.7

Some long-awaited balance changes in this one – whether they work as intended remains to be seen 😉

== Game ==
* Team commander ends mode is default ON
* Autoforce waits 75 seconds for missing people (instead of 30) and will not act unless at least two teams have at least one connected player
* Admin muting applies ingame as well as in lobby (but only if mute was applied before game started); individual player mutes to follow

== Units ==
* Acceleration 0.154 -> 0.08, brake rate 3.75 -> 1.8
* Speed 3.4 -> 3.3
* Reduced bomb count by 5

* Cost 1900 -> 2000
* Range 430 -> 400
* Normalized sight distance to weapon range (was too high)

Big Bertha
* Cost 6000 -> 5000
* HP 4200 -> 4800

* Normalized sight distance to weapon range (was too high)

* Weapon no longer craters

== Interface ==
* Unit selection screen displays unit reload times
* Comm selection screen should no longer appear when spectating
* A warning appears at start of game if lava is enabled

== Chicken ==
* Redid defenses – now they draw from a common pool which fills with PAR and burrow kills
* Base tech penalty for each burrow kill is 40 seconds (from 60)
* White Dragon no longer stomps
* Tweaked aggro coloring in panel

== Misc ==
* Fixed Crabe script errors * Modified Venom and Crabe map icons

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.0.5.1

May’s first stable version brings with it both gameplay and interface improvements.

== Gameplay ==
* Added a resurrection award
* Added rising lava, controllable with modoptions

== Units ==
* Cost 125 -> 140 (12%)
* HP 500 -> 560 (12%)
* Damage 32 -> 50 (56%)
* Speed 2.5 -> 2.8

* Missiles fire over 2.8s instead of all at once (Shadow will drop its bomb before being killed)
* Reload time 8 -> 10

* Missiles are exclusively EMP; can be fired in a volley
* Loses the super optic blast

* Doubled terrain smoothing effect

* Leaves a smaller mound

* Range 450 -> 440

* Missile slower, turns better

All vehicles, tanks, hovers and ships accelerate 3x faster

Fixed some building yardmaps

Terraform costs half as much

All units prefer not to fire at unarmed targets (including Dirtbag and Razor’s Kiss)

== Graphics ==
* Changed comm teleport effect
* Tweaked sumo texture

== Interface ==
* Added progress bar for midgame join/rejoin
* Fixed a bug where mexes could be placed off their spots
* Float and Fire at Radar can be hotkeyed
* Pause screen no longer closed with right-click; Space-click for options instead
* Kamikaze units aren’t counted for resign on self-d
* Minimum weapon reload time for healthbar display can be changed
* Build ETA can be set to display only on holding down Shift * Fixes to pylon circle drawing

EvolutionRTS: Evolution RTS v3.4 released! GUI Improvements, New Balance, New Range Indicators, New Unit Buildpictures, New Map (Glacier Pass)!

Evolution RTS Glacier Pass New GUI

You might wonder what happened for v3.0 – v3.3 .. Heh, funny story about that. SVN had some conflicting issues that I had to resolve before I could release. Unfortunately it took several tries before I finally fixed it. Moreover I discovered a little “gotcha” the other day.

Well, discovered is the wrong word. Remembered would be a bit more accurate. There is a data file that holds all GUI information. This data file is updated every time you run the game. I used to delete this file upon every game start, but a while back I change it so that there was no need (or so I thought).

Then I changed the GUI defaults again. Unfortunately because the old data file is still around you wouldn’t see any change. I have since changed this behavior and submitted the change to Desura, so you should see the new GUI changes in a day or so.

I discussed the new balance changes some time ago, but I feel that some rehashing would be beneficial:
Evolution RTS has been completely rebalanced using a new formula that makes much more sense. The units still do the same job as before, but now it has been balanced according to the way it was already set up. The end result is that the game is a lot more clear cut and easy to understand.

Evolution RTS Armor Damage Chart

Lets just do a really quick rundown:
Piercing Damage: Now does a lot less damage to more lightly armored units. This is based on a semi-realistic principle and an armor piercing round would punch a hole but not necessarily do any real damage. Thus it is scaled as such. The deviation is of course economy structures, but that is based upon the idea that an armor piercing round going through delicate equipment would cause no end of damage.

Light Damage: Now light damage is actually predictable. It does 1:1 vs light armor and degrades vs heavier armor. As you can see from the chart, it is also rubbish vs buildings.

Medium Damage: Also much more predictable. Puts the hammer down on light armor, does 1:1 vs medium armor, and half damage vs heavy armor. Not much good for destroying buildings.

Note: Light and Medium damage suck vs buildings, but obviously if you level enough firepower at something it will fall eventually.

Explosive Damage: Explosive damage only takes a 50% deduction when impacting light armor. Based upon the theory that an HE round might penetrate light armor enough to do some damage. Predictably degrades vs heavier armor. From looking at it’s damage vs buildings, and simply the word ‘explosive’ denotes that explosive damage will be good vs buildings.

This is MUCH easier to understand and to explain.

Relevant wiki article (Notice the new damage chart):

Spreadsheet for this chart is here:
Then moving further, there is the addition of the custom rings widget:

Thanks to CarRepairer, Regret, and Niobium, I have a new widget that allows me to display ranges of things. So the ORB’s repair graphic will be replaced with a simple green ring. This is good because no more massive lag when you select 5 or 10 of them. Additionally, things such as buildrange and Energy Core collection range are defined, and a TON of other stuff.