XTA: TASClientLatest.7z




Now this is by default v. 1.09 and it also includes a script to fix the downloading of maps. 

Protip: If you wish to download to another folder than my games/spring, set your playing profile to that folder in options (select the right springsettings.cfg, if it doesn’t exist, create empty file).

XTA: Introducing new awards

  1. ‘Fortress city’: First to build 200 dragon’s teeth or fortification walls
  2. ‘2x Lost commander’: First player to lose his commander twice
  3. ‘T1-swarmer’:Being only player to not build any T2-units during the whole game
  4. ‘Hitman’: First player to kill three (3) enemy commanders
  5. ‘Cygnus Nero’: The black swan symbolises something exotic and extra-ordinary. This award goes to the first player to D-Gun one (1) ‘Holy commander target’ or five (5) Impressive commander targets’.

BA 7.95 Released!

Containing a new FFA start point placing mode, easier to handle custom formations, extra death messages and more. Changelog and release post can be found at

http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=31913 🙂