Zwzsg: Hexfarm 5


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New version 5 is up, version 4 is deprecated (and plain removed from SpringFiles). I rewrote the algorithm that create the map, making it much faster. That allowed me to increase the map size, so that it is more suitable to *A mods, for which previous version was a bit cramped. But this faster code also allows me to create and destroy towers and bridges mid-game without hiccuping the game.

So I added a little animation of towers rising out of darkness and bridges deploying. By default now when you start the map, it is unexplored. Send any unit to a tower, and nearby towers and bridges will appear. Set the new Exploration mapoption to 0 to revert to map fully explored at start. Otherwise the numeric value is how long the animation takes. Negative Exploration value also disable towers’n’bridges popping up as you move around, but instead of having them all from start like with zero, you have none, they have to be “constructed”.

I added code to destroy bridges. And towers. And rebuild them. By default, the map code watches every explosion, and every construction step. If that cause performance issues or whatever, you can also use a simpler detection method that triggers on unit destroyed, unit created. Did I say created? I meant finished. The mapoption values for Construction and Destruction are expressed as a multiple of the median unit hitpoint and buildtime. Median, not mean! So for exemple, a Construction value of 50 means you must do an amount of damage equivalent to fifty times the median unit health to destroy a bridge or tower. If you don’t like that nice auto mod-ajusting method and insist on using raw hitpoints / buildpoints, then put negative value in the Construction / Destruction mapoptions.

If a tower gets destroyed, all bridges connected to it get destroyed to. Bridges however can be destroyed without affecting connected towers. Both bridges and tower have the same health. I might change that later, since tower looks more sturdy and take down bridges with them, I guess they should have more hitpoints. The animation for destruction is the same as the animation for apparition, just played in reverse and faster. And there is no visible indicator of how much damage a bridge/tower has taken. I eventually want to try using textures with careful drawn alpha channel and have the map code set an alpha threshold proportionnal to health, so as to show a progressive deterioration of bridges/towers, with cracks and holes appearing and growing, but haven’t yet. I suppose it would be prettier if I spawned explosions when a bridge or tower goes down, but don’t know how to do that without being mod specific or adding yet more crash-prone code.

Since air-only endgame on island dotted map isn’t that fun, I also made it possible to rebuild the towers and bridges. Any constructor or factory building anything contributes to rebuilding bridges and towers nearby. So do NOT use the ground restore button. Instead have a lab churning kbots, or cons placing walls, whatever. Because of the void that eat, construction doesn’t have to happen on the spot, but can happen on adjacent towers. Once specific amount of construction has been done, then tower rise again, and the one bridge too. Build again on that new tower to get the other bridges. Animation for reconstruction is same as for exploration.

So, default is:
– Map start with no tower except on start positions.
– Exploring make towers/bridges rise for free
– They can be destroyed by explosion (or killing units if alternate method chosen)
– They can be rebuilt by having construction happening nearby

If you want the map to start fully explored, but still be destroyable/rebuidable :
– Set Exploration to zero
– Keep Construction and Destruction

If you want the towers / bridges to have to be build from the start instead of first ones being free:
– Set Exploration to negative
– Keep Construction and Destruction

If you want none of that nonsense and get back to V4-like non-changing map:
– Set Exploration, Construction and Destruction to zero

.. and other combinations.

Unlike all the other hexfarm mapoptions, none the mapoptions in the Dynamic group are ever randomised. Neither by the randomize all tick-box nor by being set to zero.

Also I want to mention there’s a pretty new skin by KaiserJ.