BA 7.95 Released!

Containing a new FFA start point placing mode, easier to handle custom formations, extra death messages and more. Changelog and release post can be found at 🙂

SpringFiles: 1944_BloodBay

Version:  v1 Spring Maps Freeware

A small 4×4 map. There is a north and south with some hills and bluffs divided by some water with a E-W peninsula in the middle. Metal resources are suited to S:44 (may be a bit low for other mods). Check out the Spring: 1944 forum!

Author / Publisher:  Tutti

SpringFiles: XTA

Version:  9.737 Games Freeware

——————- Change Log of XTA 9.737 Svn 652
—————— by Jools

– Change slowdown speed in water: commanders: max slowdown 45 % => 25 %, gimp, spiders: 50% => 25 %

– Fixed (again, hopefully) the bug that prevents end window to show up (reduced the time the victory/defeat text is shown from 4 to 2 secs and added debug mode)

– Fixed bug with Pelican not changing movement type when transforming to hover/reforming to kbot

– Made area guard widget only select mobile units when using advanced modes (adv. modes are: alt: distribute squads, ctrl: persistent squads)

– Added Enemy spotter widget by floris (is another teamplatter widget)

– Fixed cob-error about missing functions for some aircraft.

– Fixed mex-upgrader to again work with area command. It reverses one lua-error fix, but it’s a rare one and it’s better than area command works

– Now there are no more bugs in xta: please report more bugs to

– Reduce non-gunship aircraft brakerate to 10% like it was before engine removed the scale factor. However, it doesn’t seem to fix stopping bombers

tumblr_n24wibppvj1rooeoro1_500.jpgRelated links: Author / Publisher:  Jools_

SpringFiles: Balanced Annihilation

Version:  7.92 Games Freeware

7.91 -> 7.92

– Added new mode to Limit DGun; when enabled DGun won’t fire within radius 450 of an enemy startpos
– Removed defunct Game End modes, simplified modoptions
– AdvPlList remembers colour of resigned players
– Lock Camera sorts its list to match AdvPlList
– Added more death messages
– Added mod option for Com Counter to count enemy coms, default off
– Fixed Com Counter miscounting
– Fixed aircraft always crashing on death
– Fixed FFA mode not recognizing when a team has resigned
– Fixed Red Console using wrong colour after line break
– Fixed non-amphib land units moving too slowly in shallow water
– Reduced Zeus target move error
– Increased T2 Bomber E costs and buildtimes
– Increased Sniper costs and buildtime
– EMP Spiders are stealthy, increased health
– Lots of internal tidying up

speedchaos.jpgrockriver_1.jpgRelated links: Author / Publisher:  silentwings

SpringFiles: XTA

Version:  9.736 Games Freeware

XTA 9.736 a.k.a ‘Morning Mist’

——————- Change Log of XTA 9.736 Svn 642
—————— by Jools
– Fixed (hopefully) all bugs relating to end statistics and the internal procedure relating to it. Added two small buttons in
top right corner that let’s you toggle between both graphs
– Airplanes now have less LOS and less AirLOS when they are landed. Now you can’t land a peeper in a remote corner and gain LOS of
it until enemy discovers it.
– Fixed bug where landed fighters keep shooting at enemy stuff
– Increased turnrate of torpedoes from seaplanes so that they won’t miss ships if dropped too close to them (15000 -> 25000)
– Added visual effects that help you see when a seaplane has submerged under water and risen above it again
– Fixed some ships shooting at aircraft (missile frigates, warlord, etc)
– Fixed bug where only arm construction seaplane could submerge and not core: now they both can
– Enable depthmod for some kbots and tanks, means that units move slower the deeper the water is:
Fido, maverick, can: max.slowdown in water = 33%
gimp, spiders: 50%
commanders: 45%
beaver, crab, triton, crock, garpike, muskrat: 50%
crawling bombs: 33%
– Widgets: mex upgrader error fixed, added options to tweak-gui widget: fullscreen option (requires spring 97), option to turn off
move-failed notifications when builder can’t reach target), made select and center widget faster to zoom.

tumblr_n26wlfo7t81rooeoro1_500.jpgAuthor / Publisher:  Jools_

SpringFiles: The Cursed

Version:  1.270 Games Freeware

The Cursed” is a very unique free realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine. The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. It is a fresh mixture of gameplay elements from many popular RTS games.

Humankind is at the brink of destruction. After initial tests of the experimental space jump-drives holes were torn into the netting of space and time. The walls to other dimensions became porous. Thus long forgotten entities from hell itself could find their way to our dimension and came to consume all souls they could get. Humankind faces a threat that the universe hasn’t seen for eons..

The game features two unique races: The Cursed – a faction combining undead and demonic creatures and the Imperial Guards – human forces with high-tech weapons and incredible firepower. Many units in game have unique abilities, like burrowing, rocket jumping, teleporting, transmutation and aura casting. You will experience a war that is fought with tanks, guns, space crafts, bone dragons, priest, demons, werewolf and angels.


– two unique playable factions: the Imperial Guards (space marines with high-tech weaponry, priests and even angels) and The Cursed (undead, demons and machines from hell)

– 3 multiplayer game modes: Skirmish, King of the Hill and Coop-Survival mode

– skirmish AIs and Survival mode for single player matches

– many units have unique special abilities: teleporting, burrowing, aura casting, shields, morphing…

logo_v2_1024x768_0.jpgAuthor / Publisher:  azaremoth