Zero-K: Ascended Valhalla conquered the galaxy!

Congratulations to all Ascended and especially clan Valhalla led by ConTrust for winning PlanetWars season 8 – almost total victory this time despite heroic efforts of other factions. Details in

PlanetWars season 9 starts now! Can Ascended do it again or will they be stopped now?

= ChangeList =
* new galaxy
* improved trading and diplomacy interfaces
* trade with enemies is impossible
* local now buy influence at $15 instead of $10
* ships cannot engage other ships in orbit anymore
* you can only store ships up to fleet size (but you can have several fleets orbiting distant planets)
* shipyards produce 1/4 of ship per turn played only
* jumpgates only transport 1 ship and can be blocked by planetary defense grid (which is 1000 credits more expensive now)
* all structures except mines and wormhole cost 2% of their cost per turn as upkeep – lack of credits results in destruction of the most upkeep hungry structure
* influence of unclanned people is given to same faction clanned people on the planet after battle
* same faction clans share research by default
* repair only costs 50% of original structure cost
* ships only start ground combat if faction members of owner are present
* insurgents target all planets of strongest faction present (weighted by their influence – low influence more likely) and all empty planets linked to planets of faction present – weighted by influence (higher more likely)
* homeworlds can only be created on planets without artefacts where only your faction holds influence
* you can give influence to other faction clans and system tracks how much you transferred – and your ratio with them
* after battle, if your ally or ceasefire partner owns the planet where you fought, you give all your influence there to him – for ceasefire it happens only if balance of influence swapped this way does not exceed 150%

EvolutionRTS: Evolution RTS v1.8 Released! New map, and more information about SASI (bonus preview video)!


Another month+ has gone by, and now I have all kinds of juicy little tidbits for you!

Evolution RTS v1.8

All things considered, this was a very minor release, but it fixed a pretty giant bug (giant bug imo, however it was actually very small) that had gone for many weeks unseen. Due to a mistake in the cover gadget, units tagged with stealth, weren’t actually getting it, unless they were hiding in trees. Unfortunately, testing for things like this is really hard, because it’s somewhat obscure, and you don’t see every tech used in every game. Still, i am glad to see it fixed and to all your amphibious enthusiasts out there, I am sorry.

New Map! Altored Divide:

Originally made by Caydr, then remade by Nixa, and now remade by me (using much of Nixa’s assets) for Evolution RTS. It is set up for anywhere from 1v1 all the way up to 5v5 play. Large hills in the center make it harder for hovers and amphibs to maneuver, however, all terrains are susceptible to arcing ballistics and missile fire with nowhere to hide. The vast majority of the metal spots are in the center, along with 5 geothermal vents, making the center of the map worth dying for… literally.

As you may have noticed… I’ve been trying to bring you a new map every month. In fact, I was going to have a lava map for you, but unfortunately, it isn’t finished yet.


SASI (Pronounced Saw-ze) is a semi new project by Koshi, much brought around due to my continual complaints about the lobby (but it’s not all my fault! :-)). It is designed to be a proper frontend for a game. You will be able to edit your settings inside of it, launch singleplayer games, missions, and join multiplayer servers and even a quickmatch button! I wish to god it was already here but unfortunately it isn’t quite ready. I do have a treat for you though, koshi made a short video showing off some aspects of SASI. Unfortunately youtube ate the first 12 seconds, but after uploading it twice, I concluded that the problem was not on my end. I cannot give you an accurate timeframe of when it will be ready. There is still a lot of small details that need polishing and unfortunately, it’s only Koshi who is doing the work on it (my C++ foo, isn’t).

So, without further ado, I bring you, SASI:


Ok, the last bit I wanted to discuss was the community, or, more accurately, the lack of it.

Assuming that my stats are more or less correct, somewhere in the area of 2000+ people have Evolution RTS installed. As the sole dedicated developer of this game, I am flattered! Unfortunately, I am by myself. I’m not exactly the type who is great at starting online communities. Especially one where I have such overwhelming bias.

I have been reading up on how to build online communities from nothing. The first thing it says to do is to identify who the community is for. Well… That one is easy. It’s for everyone who likes this game! I love this game. I eat sleep live and breathe this game. I work very hard and even into the very early hours of the morning on it for no other reason than that I love it, and I want you to enjoy it as well. I can tell you that while I love playing it, I love watching others play it more. Seeing strategies that I never thought of, being able to throw out helpful pointers here and there, and mainly, simply seeing all of you enjoy it. For me, that is where I get the biggest reward.

Next I am told that I should reach out to people. This is me reaching out! 🙂 I want to talk to all of you (preferably not all at the exact same moment, but you get the idea ;p ). I want to hear what you liked about the game, I want to hear what you hated about the game, and I want to hear your suggestions for how it could be improved! I try very hard to remain as accessible as possible, whether it be via forums, the lobby chat, email, private message, etc, but I still feel like most people think that they are probably dealing with an actual games company that doesn’t care about what you have to say. Well I’m here to tell you that I do care, and I want to hear what you have to say!

So, without going further into boring detail, I would like to invite you to our forums. It’s small and cozy right now, but I would love to hear from you and have the chance to speak to you!

The general discussion forum is here

And the help and bugs forum is here

Please come in and say hi! I am looking forward to speaking with all of you!

That’s it for now, but there will be more later. Hopefully, sooner!

Zero-K: PlanetWars season 8 + Zero-K v0.8.10

We’ve introduced some new models, and implemented a brand new (experimental) faction system for PlanetWars. Lots of other changes too, be sure to read the whole changelog!

New PlanetWars homeworld system:
* each clan can select one empty planet as their home (if they have enough influence spread through galaxy on unocuppied planets). Influence is moved from those spread planets to new home.
* at any point, clan can “consolidate” influence from spread unowned planets back to homeworld
* only clan founder or people with rights can perform this action
* free planets for clans after first battle removed

* clans now belong to factions
* clans inside factions are allied by default and share victory goal

Introduced taxes:
* influence generates $2 per 100 influence for owner

Introduced corruption:
* corruption reduces planet income (mines and tax). Corruption depend on ratio between first and second clan influence

Introduced decay:
* if there is a corruption on the planet,each clan loses 10 influence every turn

Changed fleet behavior:
* fleet capacity – it does not represent max total ships anymore, but ships you can deploy at one planet. This fixes issue with jumpgates etc
* bombing also reduces influence by 3% and 10% if there are no more structures

* clan domination malus decreased and capped at -70
* max clan size 8, no matter the player skill
* game can be started again even if composition score is not good
* mines nerfed

New Recluse, Venom, Tarantula and Weaver models. by CaptainBenz.

* Added widget; Replace Cloak Con Orders (disabled by default). It turns repair and reclaim orders into move orders if given to a cloaked constructor. This is to prevent unfortunate accidental decloak when navigating a wreck field with Rectors or cloaked Commanders.

* Added terraform tooltip that shows hotkeys for each type of command when using that command.

* Tactical AI no longer activates when a unit is set to hold position and an attack command is given by the player (now it required fight to activate).

* Fixed transport AI wait bug (transported units were sometimes kept in “waiting” state)

* Added a new minimap icon for Pylon and adjusted the Geo/Fusion one. Some very small units, mostly mobile bombs, are now displayed as minimap icons at lower than default zoom levels.


Commander Modules:
* Sheild drain 6 -> 12 (to be equal to mobile shield)
* Energy cell back to correct value (+6e), cost reduced (250 -> 225).
* Removed range bonus from Nanolathe

Commander Weapons:
* 12% more damage
* 33% wider AOE
Gauss Rifle:
* Range 450 -> 415.
Riot Cannon:
* AOE 136 -> 128
* Damage 250 -> 240
* Range 290 -> 270
* Range 320 -> 300

Almost all death explosions crater 12.5% less to make the terrain a bit more Vehicle friendly.

* Cost 170 -> 200

* Range 860 -> 820
* Speed 1.72 -> 1.62

* Shield regen rate 12 -> 14

* Cost 420 -> 400
* Capture decay rate 5% -> 4%/s
* Delay before degrade 2 -> 5s

* Missile range 520 -> 460
* Cost 3600 -> 3500
* Speed 1.7 -> 1.75

Tacnuke Missile:
* AoE 128 -> 192

* Cost 350 -> 320

* Cost 500 -> 450

* New model (Mr Bob)
* Damage 300 -> 600
* Reload 6 -> 10
* Range 1650 -> 1850
* Shot is slower and arcs

* Flipped model (flys ‘forwards’), restricted arcs. Can now only fire 2 guns at any point on the ground.
* Damage increase 50% to compensate for arc loss.
* Health 17000 -> 17500
* Can fire missile storm below it every 20 seconds, manual fire.
* Removed gravity beam, missile storm replaces it.

Fixed slow weapon interaction with Stiletto and Krow burst weapons, the burst is now slowed.

* Spires do more damage
* Burrows should no longer spawn in lava