EvolutionRTS: Stop American Censorship!

censorship-1.jpg Stop Online Censorship!

This Thursday, a bill that would create America’ s first Internet censorship system is going to a full committee for a vote, and is likely to pass. We can kill this bill now. This week, millions of us will protest censorship, censoring our own posts and asking you to call Congress. We need your help! Click HERE for more info.

For more news and information about SOPA (American Censorship Bill), click HERE.

The need is dire! This bill could easily kill many of your favorite open source projects (Including a sister project on the spring engine, Gundam RTS)! Please help us kill this bill!

People this is very real. It’s tough to believe, as this bill makes China look like the bastions of free speech. I can’t believe it myself how close to the brink we are. This is the stuff of bad movies and chain letters, but unfortunately, it’s here, and we need to stop it.

Please understand… Under this bill, as an example, if you uploaded a video of yourself singing a popular song to youtube, you could be sued and even sent to prison! Can you believe it? I scarcely can.

Please, call your congressman today!

The Cursed: The Cursed 1.15 released!

“The Cursed” is a very unique FREE realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine (Windows & Linux). The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. It is a fresh mixture of gameplay elements from many popular RTS games.

Engines of War: Release: Spring 84.0 — The DragonSlayer!

Yeah, it was long ago that Spring 0.82 was released. 1 year, 2 months & 23 days to be precise, or just 449 days. Much water ran down the rivers. Tunisia, Egypt & Libya freed themselves from their despots. Nuclear power mocked official estimates of risk probability again. Duke Nukem Forever was released. Pigs learned to fly. And now: 84.0 finally gets released!

EvolutionRTS: Evolution RTS v1.9 Released! Engine updated to v84!


Ok, ok, yeah I know, this probably doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but it really is. Many bugs in the engine were fixed, more functionality was added, and a bunch of little features got added that I have been dying to get my grubby mitts on.


Namely, Isolation mode. For those of you who use the Spring Engine “Vanilla”, you will understand immediately what I mean when I say that using Desura install on top of another regular engine install was a messy process. For that matter, it qualifies as a disaster. Thankfully, that is now fixed within the engine. I can force the engine to stay in it’s install folder and no longer interfere with any other engine install. This also means that I will FINALLY be able to test my own game’s install process without using a Virtual Machine.


For many users, from rates have doubled. In my case, frame rates quite literally tripled. You can probably imagine the look on my face. Using basic water (default is bumpmapped), my framerate peaks up around 260 fps. With bumpmapped water on it goes down a little bit and of course this is all without any units on the screen at all, but the simple fact is that performance got a huge boost with this update.


The main updates in v1.9 are as follows:

• Map borders now look much much nicer

• AI tuning is more or less perfected (unfortunately due to some unforeseen issues, Shard AI cannot be included yet)

• Keybind for “Repeat” command added (bound to “q”)

• Console only shows chat messages now instead of chat + system messages

• 3 new maps added (CenterRock, Eye of Horus, and MoonQ20x)

• 1 new War track added “Better Than Nothing – Deathkllr84″


I am still working on various other features to add such as different gametypes, scoring modes and a few other little surprises.

Oh and because I keep being asked, I am working very very hard on getting Evolution RTS onto Desura Linux. I have run into a lot of pitfalls and unfortunately I can’t solve these issues myself and must rely on assistance from the engine devs, so just hang tight guys, it’s being worked on!

On another note, I plan to have another Evolution RTS hangout on Google+ semi-soon so stay tuned!

Zero-K: Zero-K adopts Spring engine v84.0 + new game version

After the abortive engine update to 83.0, we’ve formally adopted the new Spring version 84.0 with its numerous fixes. Concurrently, we’re also releasing a new game version, v0.9.

* Linux desyncs should be fixed
* Vehicles maintain speed on turning properly
* Reduced pathfinding lag and improved “flow”
* Heightmap changes (e.g. terraform) invisible outside LOS
* Radar plane LOS not based on ground position
* Players are no longer defeated if they lose all units (including /take) as long as their allyteam is alive.
* Units target things that they can no longer see for a lot less time
* Units no longer attack recently captured units
* /advshading command replaced with /advunitshading; analogous /advmapshading command added (try this if you’re experiencing lag or graphics-related crashes)
* /dynamicsun command added – toggles dynamic sun shading. May be buggy, recommend disabling.

Large blocky map texture and extreme CPU drain from the start of the game are known issues that affect a few players. Try to fix these with ‘/advmapshading’ and ‘/dynamicsun’. Otherwise update graphics drivers and if problems persist create a ticket.

* It is now possible to set “Data folder” where all content is stored (maps, games, engine, configs, logs) -> for people who run c: on small SSD
* Fixes to default configs

* Fixed Spidermonkey egg issues
* Commanders which forgo a weapon at level 1 can keep the free peashooter at level 3
* Pylon locked

New unit, Felon. A heavy shieldbot walker which uses shield charge to power its fun.
* 700 cost
* Slow speed
* Shielded
* Accurate LLT range
* It uses shield charge to fire, use with Thugs and reduce it’s damage output by shooting it.
* Discharge from full shield does 1600 damage in 2.4 seconds
* DPS is 27 when drained and reliant on regen.

* On-fire effect from Firewalker, Inferno and corresponding commander weapons much shorter (so it expires quickly if you leave the burning area)
* Moderator does 33% less slow damage
* Slow effect capped at 50%
* Merl cost reduction (800 -> 700) and damage increased (650 -> 700)
* Puppy range increase (145 -> 155) and health increase (60 -> 80)

* Hellfire Grenade burns a much larger area; reloads more slowly and costs more
* Disruptor bomb does 25% more slow damage
* Kodachi AoE down to almost what it used to be
* Gauss rifle a bit stronger
* Missile launcher range down (450 -> 415) – now requires two range modules to outrange LLTs
* Standoff Rocket a bit cheaper

* Fixes to VR grid; disabled on all default settings except maximum
* Improved large napalm effects

* Fixed many playerlist issues
* Core selector should work in spectator mode
* Fixed incorrect values reported by resource bar
* Fixed randomness in music player

Zero-K: PlanetWars round 11

After some hiccups, we’re finally launching the eleventh round of PlanetWars!

After the Empire Reborn conquered the galaxy, for a while there was a great peace. But gradually, the carefully formed unity of the empire began to crack under racial tension and anti-Imperial feelings.

Many common humans, chafing under the rule of authoritarian central government, revolted in the cause of Liberated Humanity. On the other end, the genetic nobility sought to reassert their lost power under the banner of the Dynasty of Earth. In between them were the Cybernetic Front, augmented humans suppressed under the new human-purity society, who now fight to be treated as they deserve. And amidst the chaos, the once-enslaved miltary AIs of the Free Machines rose in revolution once more.

All five factions want control of the galaxy, but only one will seize the day. Who will it be?

Rule changes
* When offering a lower diplomacy state than currently agreed on (e.g. declaring war), the other clan’s diplomacy offer is lowered to match.

* it is now possible to buy from locals from all same-faction planets

* only people directly involved in pw combat get influence:
– clan owning the planet
– clans who sent ships to planet
– people from same faction
– people from allied clans

* not involved people auto sell their influence for $20 to locals
* if there are no involved clans, all people are involved (insurgents attacking empty planet)